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Welcome to the world of frequency medicine!

My name is Leah Boyd-Barrett, and I am

a Naturopathic Kinesiologist. I specialize

in finding environmental issues that may 

be impacting my client's health, and restoring


him or her to optimal health and wellbeing, 

safely and naturally using muscle testing 

and whole-food supplements. 


                    What is making you sick 

                     and preventing you 

                   from getting well?

                                                Could it be today's



I've been practicing naturopathic kinesiology for over 15 years, and

increasingly I am finding these toxins affecting the health of each and 

every one of my clients. 

Our world is actually making us sick. 

We are responsible for our choices, it's true. But when it comes to the 

invisible toxic fallout from today's world, we really have no choice. 

However, we CAN do something to restore and maintain our health!

1. Become informed. There are many online resources for becoming 

better informed about the potential dangers and how we can protect 

ourselves from harm.

I have included some useful links on this website.

2.Detect and detox. Find out if your body is being affected by metals and 

chemicals, food sensitivities, pathogens, stress, or negative emotions. One 

cannot heal while carrying a toxic burden.

3.Rebuild. Strengthen your immunity and repair damaged organs and 

systems. Your immune system is your environmental armor!

4.Stress-proof yourself. The triggers for stress are all around us if we let 

them in. There are simple stress-busting strategies that anyone can learn, 

and ways of de-fusing negative emotions that darken our lives.

5. Get back into balance.  I use NRT (Nutrition Response Testing), a 

unique muscle-testing protocol, to quickly and painlessly pinpoint any 

issues that are undermining your immune system and your health.  

If environmental toxins are present, I will guide you through a natural 

detox, recommend a customized program of whole foods and quality 

supplements to restore your health, and offer a maintenance program to 

protect it. I will also help you defuse issues of stress and any negative 

emotions that may be impacting your life. In short, I will work to bring 

you back into balance in an unbalanced world.

If you live within a manageable radius of Ojai, in Ventura County, 

Southern California, please consider making an appointment. 

Please see map below.  If you cannot make it to Ojai, you might like to 

consider an online session.  For more information about connecting 

online, please click here.

305 E Matilija Street, Ojai, CA 93023

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Not surprisingly, 


toxins and other

problems are 

showing up as 

triggers in many, 

if not most, of 

today‚Äôs health 


Here are some of 


Heavy metals 





          Depleted soil

            Factory farms








                        Contaminated water

                          Electromagnetic fog

                            Negative emotions