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Kinesiology ROCKS!

I know, because I have seen what it can do to help people get well when nothing else worked.

My name is Leah Boyd-Barrett, and I have been practicing since I graduated from the Classical Kinesiology Institute in Leicester, England in 1998. 

Since then I have added Nutrition Response Testing, or NRT, a protocol that homes in on the root cause of a problem very quickly. Using kinesiology muscle-testing, I can then recommend the most effective natural program for that issue.  

No undressing. No discomfort. No trip to the pharmacy.

Why do natural remedies work?
They work because most issues are related to diet. Most people in the US are suffering from malnutrition!  In fact,  95% of all illnesses are nutrition-related. 

The body is very intelligent. It responds immediately to a muscle-test of a nutrient when it recognizes it is a nutrient it is lacking. Given the right tools, the body is able to heal itself naturally.

Please explore this website and decide if you would like to give Kinesiology Muscle-Testing a try. My office is in downtown Ojai in California. However, if you live too far away, I am able to offer consultations via Skype, which works very well. 

If you are unsure or need more information, you are welcome to schedule a 15-minute phone consultation at no charge.

Please phone me on (805) 612 4261 for an appointment.

Be healthy!
Be happy!