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Welcome to the world of Frequency Medicine!

Frequency medicineLet me explain.

   The universe appears solid enough, but it's not 

what it seems! The universe and everything in 

it is made up entirely of frequencies. These 

frequencies contain information which create 

both stability and change, and what we know 

and can see occupies only a tiny range within 

the  spectrum  of  frequencies: visible light.

Your own personal universe

   The body is also a universe, a mini-universe. It's made up of an intelligent community of 

billions of cells, each with its own job for keeping us healthy. They communicate with each 

other through frequencies and keep abreast with what's going on. Whenever there's a problem, 

due to nutritional deficiencies or toxins, for example, your body knows about it. But without the 

right "tools" such as specific nutrients, water, or rest, healing becomes a problem.

So how can we tap into that knowledge, and how can we help the body rebalance itself?


   Fortunately, a trained and experienced kinesiologist can access the body's intelligence 

using muscle testing. Having pinpointed the problem, the next step is to muscle-test for the most

effective natural remedy or remedies for that problem. With that information, we can create a 

customized program to help the body heal.

Muscle-Testing = Frequency-Testing

   The New Science of quantum physics has been able to show us that matter is almost entirely 

empty space. The electrons that make up the molecules of our bodies vibrate at different

frequencies making matter only appear to be solid. This applies to every organ in our body, as 

well as every bacterium or virus, herb or supplement. We are all connected, ever changing and

exchanging information within the intelligent matrix of frequencies. We are part of an infinite

continuum of light.

How can frequencies help us heal?

   Your "mini-universe" community of cells is organized as organs and systems, which like 

cells, also resonate at their own particular frequency. Metals, chemicals, pathogens, even 

emotions, have their own unique frequencies. However, the frequencies of toxins and pathogens, 


are effectively "out of synch" with the body's own. 

   With muscle-testing,  the body's is able to "select" the reverse frequencies from an 

offering of carefully selected beneficial herbs, whole foods, or supplements which can 

effectively cancel out the negative frequencies. The body is then able to rebalance itself. 

Nature's "pharmacy" speaks the same language as our bodies!

Our toxic world

   We are living in a world out of balance. It is no wonder that the toxic environment we live in 

is creating health issues in more and more people, and will be felt for generations to come.

On the positive side, muscle testing allows us to detox toxins or pinpoint problems before they 

become an issue, and even help with existing health issues. Please Click here for more information.

The Origin of Applied Kinesiology

   We have the brilliant and insightful chiropractor George Goodhart to thank 

for the discovery of Applied Kinesiology muscle-testing.  In 1964, he found 

that every muscle and organ in the body is related to a specific acupuncture 

meridian. By testing the integrity of a particular muscle whose 

corresponding energy meridian was not functioning as it should, i.e. the 

muscle was weak, he could deduce that the related organ was also under par.  

   Goodhart then found that by stimulating or sedating the meridian through 

acupressure, massage, or nutrition, the muscle and organ would regain their strength. He called 

this Applied Kinesiology, and it continues to be practiced by many chiropractors and alternative 

therapists today.