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Leah muscle-testing a client

Leah Boyd-Barrett 


Kinesiologist and Health Coach

Specializing in NRT, 

Clinical Nutrition,


Mind-Body Health and Anti-Aging

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If you are feeling tired all the time, 

have difficulty sleeping, suffer 

from poor digestion or unexplained 

chronic health issues, it may be time 

to try Nutrition Response Testing


NRT quickly reveals the source of a health issue using muscle-testing. I can then test natural 

whole foods, herbs and natural supplements on your body to create a custom program for you to 


This might include one or several of the following: 

  • a general body detox 

  • herbs or natural supplements to help heal specific issues

  • avoiding certain foods that your body is not tolerating well 

  • gently chelating heavy metals or chemicals that prevent your body from healing

  • providing support to a specific organ that is under par

  • addressing emotional issues that may be affecting your health

Every body is unique! 

For more information about NRT, please on click the image below:



The job of a Health Coach is literally to coach a client on how 

to restore or enhance their health and well being.

In my case, I will not only aim to get to the source of a 

problem or problems using NRT, I will also do my best 

to resolve emotional or other issues that could be affecting 

their health. But there's more.

I make it my job to:

  • create a personal program based on NRT findings, as well as 

your goals and the desired time frame for achieving them.

  • frequency-test for food sensitivities and recommend 

an individualized eating plan

  • Set up weekly and/or bi-weekly follow-up appointments 

                                                    to assess your progress.

  • Offer on-call advice when needed. (If I don't know the answer, I will find out or refer you to 

someone with that knowledge.)

  • As encouragement to stay the course, every fourth follow-up visit is free!

If you think you might benefit from Holistic Health Coaching,

please phone me without obligation, to discuss your goals.

(805) 640 1605  

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The Origin of Applied Kinesiology

We have the brilliant and insightful chiropractor George Goodhart to thank 
for the discovery of Applied Kinesiology Muscle-Testing.  In 1964, he discovered 
that every muscle and organ in the body is related to a specific acupuncture 
meridian. By testing the integrity of a particular muscle whose 
corresponding energy meridian was not functioning as it should, i.e. the 
muscle was weak, he could deduce that the related organ was also under par.  

Goodhart found that by stimulating or sedating the meridian through acupressure, massage, 
or nutrition, the muscle and organ would regain their strength. He called this Applied Kinesiology, 
and it continues to be practiced by many chiropractors and alternative therapists today.